Palmetto State Armory


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Had to go to Columbia for business so I thought I'd mix in a little pleasure. :D I stopped by and checked out PSA. I also bought 96.00 worth of ammo. They do have a good selection and good prices. They are very friendly and the shop is very well appointed. Prices on guns were good. All in all, I give these guys a thumbs-up. I will be back.



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They do a great job there. They have some of the best prices locally. They are also planning on opening an indoor range as well.


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Their only problem is...They are hell to find. was there once, but, I would have to have a map to go back...They are WAY off the beating track...

They do have good prices on stuff...Last time I was there, I came home with a AK47...
Must stay away....


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Dont want to spoil the surprise but last time I talked to them when placing an order they told me that Summerville is on the list for the next store they want to build.


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fordnut said:
Their only problem is...They are hell to find. was there once, but, I would have to have a map to go back...They are WAY off the beating track...
I wouldn't say PSA is off the beaten track; they're only about a mile off of I-77. Also, I live about two miles from there, so it's extremely easy for me to find. ;) It also means I have to fight the temptation to go visit them pretty much every day. Not always easy!


I love that store.

i agree that its kind of in a weird spot, its not a retail area like you see with most shops. On the other hand its in a much better neighborhood than a lot of shops. Now that I have been there, no prob to get back. I used to live in cola so it wasn't that big of a deal.

I bought lowers, parts, mags, etc, all at great prices. I wish they'd put one in the upstate, but its not TOO far off the route to the beach for me.


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Everyone, It's the second building on the right in the seventy seven industrial park off of 77.

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Even though I live in Charlotte, NC I travel both North and South Carolina and I always try to stop PSA. They have always been very friendly and outgoing. I feel like I have received an education on AR's. Their ammo prices are always very competitive and I have been stocking up for the Shootzenfest on June 4, 2011. You know those FA eat ammo very quickly.

Once you go there once it is easy to find. It is probably less than a mile off I-77, off Farrow Road exit, in an industrial park. The showroom is really nice and they continue to upgrade the inside area.

Everyone should check them out when in the area!


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Nice guys, good stock.
Pops and I are hopeful they will find us worthy of ShootzenFest sponsorship this year.


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They need to open a shop on the Florence/Myrtle beach like I need another excuse to spend money....


If you go there be sure to mention this thread on the forum.
We are trying to get them to be another sponsor of the ShootzenFests.
We also are wanting to get more members in the middle of the state and the eastern part.




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They are less than .5 miles off I-77. I use to work next door. In today's age of Google maps and GPS' not much is hard to find.

They will not be opening an indoor range due to the cost for the required 8" water pipe the county mandates they have access to.

Prices are some of the best. It's the only local store I go to anymore. You can still find cheaper online even with shipping and processing but sometimes I don't want to wait.
The word is that they're planning on opening a shop in N. Chas and Lexington in the near future...

They're also still exploring range options I think...either Lex County or Kershaw