Palmetto State Armory 1911s

If I am not mistaken PSA announced their 1911 at the 2014 SHOT Show, but I have not seen one. I did see photos this week on another Internet forum of a 1911 that someone had supposedly built using a frame and slide made by PSA.

A friend just ordered a 1911 frame so it appears these are available. Does anyone have any info on the PSA 1911s?


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This is the first I've heard of it. To my understanding they've been putting their energy into developing their own in-house AK. I'd like to see a PSA 1911 though :cool:
When the 1911 was first announced PSA said it would be a high end pistol and priced accordingly. The frames for sale on the website are described as prototypes.

The photos I saw of someone else's build showed a bobtail frame. The ones on the PSA website are standard configuration frames for a five inch gun. Same with the slides for sale.


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i just realized they had 1911 stuff a few weeks ago.

when i looked i remember it was parts from other makers with PSA on them, Caspian, Knightsomething, etc.