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Dec 13, 2009
Summerville, SC
I have driven my wife crazy over the last two days. I begged her to take to all the local gunshops within an hour of Brookville. I hit the holy grail of shops today in clearfield, PA. It is the largest shop in pa with over 10,000+ guns. I couldn't believe it. When I thought it was over I found another room of guns. They had a bad ass .338 bolt tactical for 3999 and I found out the custom gun was built a few minutes away so I went and met the owners of 10X tactical rifles in Dubois. They have an awesome setup in their backyard. I would post links to all the places I went but I'm doing all of this from my cell phone.

The name of the shop was Grice's gun shop. They are a wholesaler too so I set my dealer acct with them. They had rifles in there I had never seen before.

The other custom builder was
They are making all their own brushes, jags, rods, bore cleaners and oils. They hired a chemist to make all their products. They gave me a free bottle of their cleaners and oil to try out. The rifles are not cheap but very beautiful and they guarantee their work.

The wife is not happy but I have had a blast.