Over / Under Short Barrel Shotgun

I need a good, reliable Over / Under 12 gauge.

Any suggestions?

Anyone have any hands-on time with Stoeger or any others? I'm not looking for a gun that costs more than $500 because the tax stamp is going to be another $200 charge plus whatever a gunsmith charges to cut the barrels and buttstock off.

The above gun is a Franchi. The barrels are too long for my liking, though, and I would have them cut back to where the handguard ends.

For comparison, here's my Remington 870 in 12 gauge:


The gun is a Wingmaster and had a really long barrel with some kind of hunting choke. The wood is original furniture. I actually think I am going to keep the buttstock on her for the duration of hurricane season now that I move around the house with it a bit.
I'm leaning heavily towards a Stoeger with internal firing pins. I don't like the idea of rabbit ears (exposed hammers) for a variety of reasons, most of which is them snagging on things.


Good luck on the build, I am ready for you to do it.

The Yildiz I have doesn't have exposed hammers,Only think on the tang is the takedown lever. Maybe you weren't talking about the link i gave you though. Either way it'll be sweet.