our new Christmas present to ourselves

Nov 13, 2009
Kershaw, SC
savage model 16 s/s .308 came with a simmons 3-9x40. i'm breaking it in now, got 20 thru it so far. this looks to be a very repeatable rifle, even at this early date

my 15-20 target, granted it's short range since i'm still in break in, but i put 3 bullets thru the same hole. gotta love the way this thing is coming together :D
Nov 13, 2009
Kershaw, SC
Frost said:
Very nice
I got so mad at the last new bolt gun I bought I threw it in the closet until I get around to buying a better trigger for it.
this has the savage accutrigger, kind of like a glock type trigger but adjustable for weight. it's like a damn feather straight out of the box, i don't see any reason to adjust it. how much lighter can i get, really? this thing almost goes off when i look at it if not for the articulated safety. if you don't like heavy triggers, you'd love this

jony is loving this rifle :mrgreen:

Midnight Raver said:
That rifle is BEAUTIFUL!!!
thank you sir

HHB Guns

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Dec 13, 2009
Summerville, SC
Now buy you a Leupold SS VXII 3-9 x 50 and you will have the premo package. Looks Nice though. Never spare on optics.

If you are going to hunt with it at dusk you will be amazed at the difference. A simmons puts out about 80% light reflectivity where a VXII on 3 power puts out 94%.

My neighbor was very skeptical where he has used a simmons all of his life. I finally talked him in to a VXII and he was like OMG what a difference at dusk. He told me that he would normally see better with the naked eye than through his scope at dusk. Now when he can't see with the naked eye he just uses the scope and it's like daylight. Perfect for those last minute shots.