Optics Section Let the People be HEARD!!!

Do We Need an Optics Section Yes or No

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HHB Guns

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Frost you the man! I was just thinking outloud. I see guys talking bout scopes and red dots all the time on the forum with nowhere to really put the topic. I can only hope that locals and out of state folks would come to our site and maybe browse an optics section looking for that review that might help them decide on a piece of glass. In my opinion optics are just as important as the rifle itself.


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I was going to let it run for a week just to see how much interest there was.
I will do it but I am going to be counting on y'all to keep it moving and not let it stagnate.
Y'all come up with a name and snappy description and I will make it happen.

HHB Guns

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Well I am horrible at names. lol I like simple. "Optics" is good with me. Can you go through the older post and put associated optics posts in the section? I have 4 new scopes and coming in the next few weeks and I have 4 scopes now that I could give a review on.