One of the AZ hero's a CWP holder.


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Fox and Friends this morning interviewed one of the people that held the shooter down in AZ. He's a smart thinking CWP holder. Waiting for the video to be posted.

Dirk Pitt

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I heard them interview a guy who talked him on the radio this afternoon, I think it was probably him, they asked him what he would say to the shooter. He said, "I'm glad I didn't shoot you, now you have to look at the families, mothers, and fathers of those you killed".

But I would have just shot him...

HHB Guns

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The sad part is in 15 years he will prob get parole. Our justice system is so SAD. My daughter was molested by her uncle in 2003 and the bastard got a 20 year sentence. The SAD part is every july since his second year in prison we have to write a two page letter from every member of my family on why his sorry ass should stay in prison. I can tell you he is much safer in prison. This is not justice. The prisons are over run and they are forced to release horrible people back to society. Ok I better stop now before my blood pressure get up there.