One Of My Favorite Finds . What about y'alls

Midnight Raver

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Wow, that looks like it's in great condition! Any idea how old it actually is? Interesting that you have it in 9x20mm, as I have a book that says most of them that were in the US had been modified to take .380 ACP ammo instead. However, it doesn't say if the ammo capacity is different that way like the 7.65mm ones(8 round mags). I'm assuming the .380 ACP ones take the same amount(7 rounds) as yours does.

Nice piece of history you have there!!! :ugeek:


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This is a flat bed scanner photo so it is even prettier in person.This pistol was manufactured by FN and Colt until the 1930's. The Huskies that came from Sweden where manufactured up til 1942 and had a bushing converting them to .380 so they could be exported as a non-military caliber. FN built about 58,000 of the 1903. The serial number is 20xx so I assume it is a very early one. It is a very comfortable pistol to carry and shoot. My son has a Husky that we use to introduce folks to centerfire pistol shooting since it has an extremely mild report and recoil. It is also just plain fun to shoot. The capacity is the same as the .380.