One Handgun, One Long Gun


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Once the SHTF, if you were forced to keep only one hand gun, one long gun & one shot gun then what kind / model would you choose in each category and why?

If it was a doomsday type scenario I think that I would want a .357 revolver due to the availability of ammo (.38 or .357) & low failure rate. I would probably go with an accurate long range rifle in a substantial caliber like a .30-06 for defending a position at a distance as well as hunting. I would probably go with something like a 12 ga. Mossberg 500 Mariner - as it will stand up to less than ideal environments and would be great for defense.

I am sure that there are other opinions out there from people much more qualified than me! I also do not gaurantee that I will still have the same opinions by the time that you are reading this, ha ha!

Have fun with it, I won't be grading this assignment or keeping score!


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It depends on how the SHTF.
If it was the ZPAW my choices would be much different than if it was just a collapse of civilization due to a corrupt government.

In the ZPAW high capacity low recoil would rule the day.
Glock 17
M4 / AR

I probably would leave the 870 marine in the closet, yes the finish is more durable but they stand out.
I would most likely opt for one of the ones with a parkerized finish.


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Well, for me it is what I have in hand, my P95PR and DPMS Carbine A2. Whatever else I get would probably come off the bodies of whomever tried to attack my camp. :mrgreen: Or I'd procure from an abandoned gun store.



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Hell...I am going to that gun store with Cris.....First a Barrett 50 cal...for long range Zombie fun, then, Lots of ammo for my .44 Ma and the Kimber....

Then, I look for Kool stuff like Gernades, dynimite....that kind of goodies...

Then, maybe a shot gun...Or, now that it works again....(Clicker)..My AK 47....

Guess that is start...



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If I were limited to just one of each it would be:

Sig P220 in 45acp
HK91 in 308 win
Benelli M1 12ga.

I take into account ammo availability and useful power. If I could I would add some sort of 22lr rifle to the pack also. Probably a Ruger 10-22.

Midnight Raver

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Ammunition availability and/or reloading capability notwithstanding:

Taurus .45/.410 revolver(unspecified model/barrel length as of yet)
Winchester 1892 .45 rifle
Saiga-410 shotgun

Both types/loads of ammo can be used for the revolver, and either long arm should be sufficient for whatever situations involving denser populated and/ or wooded areas. Personally I tend to stay away from the wide open spaces, as cover and concealment are definitely preferable to me. ;)

As for what would be more available to use and keep fed with ammo, that's a whole different story. :geek:


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Midnight Raver, I like the way that you are thinking! I do like the idea of cross utilization of the ammo. Although I think it might be harder to "scrounge up" some 410 ga once you run out of it whereas any abandoned police car would likely have some 12 ga shells in it. I do not know much about the .45 that the Judge eats, is that very different from .45acp? Don't they make some kind of clips that you can put on a pistol round for use in a revolver?

Gr8shot, I also was considering a .22lr - would be great for hunting small game etc. and you can carry a buttload of rounds very easily.

Fordnut, you are cracking me up! Might as well be on the lookout for some thermite & claymores as well, right? LOL


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considering the availability of "found ammo". What am I most likely to find in a foraging expedition? I think 9mm and .45 are going to be plentiful. I agree whole heartedly with the .38/.357 as a revolver option. .22 rimfire will probably be the most common round and lots of 12 gauge.

The .45 Long Colt used in a Taurus Judge, I think, is somewhat rare in the wild. I've looked for it. I like the judge, kind of large for a handgun, but it's about right for a hand shotgun. :eek:
I think those adapters for ACP shells in a revolver are called moon rings or moon clips. they don't look like they'd be fast to reload the gun. they slip around the acp cartridge and give it the missing flange of the revolver casing. Or something like that. I'll have to look it up now anyway.

One of the things I like about the Glocks is that if you have a .40 you can carry a 9mm conversion barrel and have a choice of either ammo. You should use the correct magazine for each round, but two extra empty hi-cap mags and an extra barrel don't take up much space or weight. Or just one of the Glock 18 magazines, 33 rounds of 9mm.

Yeah, for a natural disaster / SHTF scenario I would have to pick a Glock G22 with the 9mm conversion parts, a 10/22 small game rifle and a Remmington 870 or a Mossburg 500. If it were a different kind of engagement I'd change the 10/22 for some kind of an AR / AK.

Actually, a .357 revolver and a 12 gauge shotgun would also make a sound pair.


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G17 and a KISS 16in Middy with a low power scope and buis.

No cross functionality, but can be used for hunting or defense, weight is good, and ammo is readily available to stock up on now.


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Springfield 1911 in .45
One of the AR's in .223 with a .22 conversion
Mossberg 590 in 12gau.

I would almost take the FAL over the AR, but I think with the conversion it would give you alot more versatility. I would also have a small spare parts box for each with the essentials.


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these are all reasonable match-ups. It sounds like versatility is the main theme.

What about if we narrow it down to a caliber instead of a model/manufacturer?

.357/.38 + .223 + 12 gauge?

.45 + 7.65mm + 12 gauge?

.9mm + .22 + 12 gauge?



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My ammo choices would be the same as my gun choices, 9mm & 5.56/.223, If I could I would want my 22 conversion for the AR, so then I would be carrying .22lr was well. Cant beat it for weight, size, and not exploding small game.

So ... 9mm, .223, &.22lr


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Remington 870 12 gauge- versatile, lots of available ammo choices.

Walther P22 Supressed- again with the available ammo angle, ability to forage quietly could come in handy.

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O.K., here is my two cents.......
Glock 34 9mm (Defense)
Scoped Ruger m77/22 in .22WMR (HUNTING... AND DEFENSE)
Remington 870 12 Ga (Defense...and whatever)
I'm going to assume the gun shops are gonna be closed for the end of the world so I'm bringin along guns taht aren't gonna need repairs down the road.

Glock - ANY (if I had to choose a model, 21 .45)
AK47 - I love my Bushmaster M4 but it'll give up the ghost long before the AK does.