Ohio CCW Change


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Aug 8, 2010
Clemson, SC
Ohio looking at allowing carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. It was a little tough to decipher their numbers based on wording, but it seems to read as if the majority of states already allow carry to some degree in places that serve alcohol. That was news to me. Funny how we never hear of CCW holders in those states going on a berserk rampage.

"Ohio is among nine states that generally prohibit firearms where alcohol is served and consumed, according to the Legal Community Against Violence, a national public interest law center aimed at preventing gun violence. Eight states allow guns in bars and restaurants, and a dozen states prohibit guns in bars but allow them in at least limited parts of restaurants. The remaining 21 states allow guns in places that serve alcohol."

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/06 ... 29#content

Here is a letter I recently sent to both my state representatives and governor. I understand, even on a forum such as this, there are a wide range of opinions on this subject. but the worst thing is to sit by in silence. Whatever your views, please let out state legislators know.
I would like to call on you now to please improve our 2nd amendment rights by requesting proposal of legislation that ends the current web of confusing and complicated gun legislation concerning where we can legally carry within our state. One should not have to disarm based on what side of the street they stand.

I believe our 2nd amendment rights should be simple, protected, and should minimize the ?gun free? zones that allow criminals to act without fear on law abiding citizens. Simply put, I would like to request that all legally permitted Concealed Weapon Permit holders be allowed to carry their firearm concealed on their person in ANY place in the state EXCEPT: Courthouses, Law Enforcement Offices such as police, sheriff or Highway Patrol, Jails, Prisons, Nuclear Power Plants, inside public school buildings, but be permitted to carry on their person on public school property as long as they remain in the their automobile (i.e. to pick their children up).

I would like to further request that the law be clarified and plainly spell out that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can any local governing body or private business override state law concerning an individual?s right to legally carry under their concealed weapons permit granted by the state.