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I know some of us are in the SC5 House district. Give this a watch...

Mick Mulvaney NRA Endorsement

If you've seen any of the John Spratt commercials on local TV, you've had a good laugh. I know the term "grasping at straw" is way overused, but that's exactly the situation Spratt is in.

You made your bed big boy, now you get to sleep. Seriously, if Spratt wins this, he'll die in office. :cry: And with a D rating from the NRA, Lord knows we don't want that. So please, vote and do the Right thing.



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greed, and his recent adds are really turning nasty, in my adult life this is the first time that Hack has been seriously challenged and I have ponied up as much $$$$ as I could for Mick. Spratt has said to my face he is against the 2nd amendment and would out law hunting if it was up to him....he is a turkey on the roasting fire and I will be glad to throw a little more fuel on the cook fire.. I just hope that next Wednesday is a happy day all the way round, but if he retains his seat it will not be as good as it could if we can just get rid of that Idiot Graham......................