Now is the time to buy a Suppressor

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Well get your check books out because now is the time to buy a suppressor. I am bound by dealer contracts not to say who and when until the 18th but lets just say that one of the suppressor companies is paying the $200 tax stamp if you buy a certain one of their suppressors. Don't ask any more questions until the 18th. I will post all of the details then. Just something to think about. Lets just say its a 5.56mm can.


Gemtech has paid $600 in tax for me so far, just might let them spend another $200 this year. Already have a G5 so I want to see what is.


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Ahhh crap...i may be in. I had a guy ask me to make subsonic 223 for him at the show, this would be the excuse i need to make it. Of course, i will need a testing suppressor.


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M16MANIAC said:
I think it's going to be the Trek T 5.56.
Your pretty good. Yes it is the 18th so I can speak now. It is the trek titanium 5.56. Orders have to be placed from today to may 1st to qualify. Let me know if your ready. The shitty part is I have to go by MAP pricing or loss my dealer status so the cheapest I can list it is 5% below retail of $1100. Sorry guys. Its a really nice can though.