Nov 19 2011 - Boggy Head & Twin Ponds work day


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I received a call from the NFS office about an upcoming range cleanup/work day November 19th 2011. This is for both both Twin Ponds & Boggy Head ranges.

Volunteers are asked to meet at the new NFS office on Steed Creek Road that morning at 7AM -7:30AM and will be dispatched from there. (I'll confirm the time & location this week and post an update.)

I've not been to the new office but they said it's about 2 miles from the junction of Hwy 41 and Steed Creek Rd. This is the flashing light on Hwy 41 on the way to Boggy Head traveling north from Hwy 17.

Tools will be provided but I always bring gloves and a rake plus a 5 gallon bucket or two. Large magnets on a stick are great for picking up steel cases too!

This is an excellent opportunity for the forum members to show their support of the NFS and it's facilities by helping out so put on your PSF tee shirts and lets do this!


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I plan to be there but due to time restraints I will go directly to Boggy
hope that isn't a problem



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Here's the update from the NFS web site:
Volunteers needed for the Francis Marion rifle range clean up on November 19. Help us maintain Boggy Head and Twin Ponds ranges and enjoy our traditional cookout! Meet Saturday at the new Francis Marion National Forest Office, 2967 Steed Creek Road at 7 AM. Call Jannah DuPre at 843-336-2221 for more information.

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Could someone please let me know the next time there is a range clean up, we will have some guys from our shop come out and help. Thanks!!!