Non-compliant Workplace CC Sign


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I work in an office building that has a very non-compliant sign banning concealed weapons. The message is in white letters, approx. 1.5", one sentence/line, mixed case, on a window next to the doors and not easily seen unless looking to the right. There is NO handgun symbol with a line through it, just a line of white letters saying 'No Concealable Weapons Allowed"

My employer is a tenant. The landlord and building's only other occupant is a non-profit human services organization. The organization does good things for people but the risk of violence is kinda elevated due to location as well as clientele so CC at work is kinda high on my list.

1. Is the landlord's ban legally enforceable without a compliant sign?

2. If I were to attempt to convince the landlord to drop CC ban does anyone have a letter/template I could use?

Appreciate feedback?


You bringing it up to landlord might give some extra "attention" to you and prevent CC in the future if he's against it, no?

They can ask you to leave the premises or disarm, but nothing illegal about you carrying, AFAIK.


Does your employer have a policy on CC while on the job? SC is a right to work state, meaning that you can be terminated with or without cause at the employer's discretion. How they would respond if they find out you are carrying is another factor in your decision.

I agree with the comment above, telling them that they have non-conforming signs is an invitation to have them put up the real thing.
As stated above, you can be fired for no reason. Scaring them by letting them know you have and carry a gun might be all they need to fire you for the greater good.

If they don't have a metal detector staffed by sworn law enforcement then I question why you would react in any way to the sign in the first place. You are brainstorming ways to make your life difficult.

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