NM Sheriff gives Fed "The Finger"


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There are a few ways to fight the OUT OF CONTROL federal government. One option would be to elect a president and representatives that will help take away the abusive power that federal government has over the states and citizens. One other way is to fight and resist the federal government as militias and individuals. I think we have some good Sheriffs here in SC that would be a big help if we ever decide to grow a backbone and give "the finger" to the fed. I know of at least one presidential candidate that wants to severely limit the power of the federal government, and I think he would approve.

"For example, over near Deming, New Mexico is the Gila National Forest. The U.S. Forest Service wanted to make almost all of it off limits for people -- until the militia of Luna County intervened. They told the feds that they would resist any effort by the Forest Service to restrict access to visitors. The result? Visitors have continued to access all of the Gila National Forest!"

"...The woman ended by warning the feds that her family has many guns and a huge supply of ammunition, and they would use all of it if needed to keep the EPA off of their land. The locals who had packed out the hearing room jumped to their feet with a shout and prolonged applause. That was in August of this year. As of November, oil is still being pumped at full tilt..."


Also, check out, Richard Mack, the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona. Check out his book, "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope".



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Didn't the Sheriff at Ruby Ridge (ID) kick out all Federal agents and deny them movement and access to his county after their bloody fiasco?

The Sheriff is in charge of the county and answers to very few individuals. The Attorney General and Supreme Allied Commander of Forestry are not among them.