night sights or tactical?


I have a Glock 27 that has old night sights on it and I intend to replace them.

I've been looking around for something that will give me a good sight picture for the money.
In a lot of ways I don't feel that "glow in the dark" sights are required for this application.

I've been looking at some high visibility sights
Advantage Tactical
that are not glow sights. This application is pure carry.

I like the glow tube sights and I'm concerned they might be breakable if mishandled.

I have a medical condition called CSC (can't see crap), also known as blind old fart's disease, so I'm thinking the Advantage Tactical might be a better choice for me. does anybody have any opinions or recommendations?

It looks like I'm going to spend at least $100.US so I'm willing to consider a wide range of options.




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It all depends on your plans for your Glock,, CCW or just "plinking". The Tactical sights are great,, BUT for a concealed carry weapon, they are a pain,, stick out too far IMHO. The "glow tube" sights ( I have them on my XD) are great, they are easy to pick up in low light situations and in bright daylight. As for their durability,, well I have ummmmm dropped my XD a couple of times (even on cement) and they still are going strong.


thanks. That is what I'm looking for. I hadn't considered that the tactical sights might stick up higher than any others. They look bright. I have the Trijicon sights on another gun and they aren't as bright as I expected them to be. They don't even exist in the light as white dots enough to be used as standard sights. Trijicons are what's on the G27 now.

This gun is a single purpose weapon, CCW only, so it needs to clear clothing and fit in tight spots. I have a hip pack ( I rarely wear it on my fanny ) that holds it perfectly, but there is no room left over for anything extra.

anybody else have an opinion?


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Have you thought about Crimson Trace?? I know several who have a set on their pistols, work great,, just too $$$$ for me.


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The Hiviz are not that bad to replace if they do get broke. All you need is a razor and a lighter. You can get the fiber optic filament at a craft store by the spool if you do need to replace them.


I looked at the Crimson trace. I agree the laser is a very good choice, I have the Glock laser on another gun and it made me a believer.
they are pricey, but for the application they might be the best choice.
I like the new model that goes on the front trigger guard.
Crimson Trace LG436
At $269.US they are three times what I was planning to spend. Perhaps I should re consider?

The point and shoot is a reasonable idea too. I could just forget replacing the sights and learn to shoot without using the sights at all.


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Pops, I have been thinking about Crimson trace sights as well for a J-frame .357 that I just got - if you look on e-bay you can find the ones you mentioned for right at $200, maybe even a little less.

I have never used the crimson trace (or any laser sight) & have been really trying to decide if they would be worth it on a j-frame anyway. I would appreciate any feedback I could get on this. I am looking at the LG 185 for a Taurus 650 CIA. This is the first j-frame that I have had & I am amazed that it is so much more comfortable to carry than even my compact 9mm.


I have the HiViz front sights on a G19 and a G30. Not very costly and they work great. Pretty tough, too.