next new guy


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you know, ive been to the last 2 shoots at philsons and didnt connect that with this forum.
thats ok, i also have an open invitation to gun at the neighbors house. i think.
neighbor? right?
I brought the AR-15 model 614 select fire Colt.I also brought a box of 45s to run through Greggs Thompson. used them all. Thank You Gregg.
It was nice seeing folks again and meeting others. Enjay next time you can put me on your list, you asked and i had no clue.


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Welcome to the forum, i'm glad you made the connection and decided to join us. :)
I didn't get to see the select fire colt, but I agree, the Thompson gun is tons of fun and Greg is incredibly generous to share it with us.


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Welcome to the Forum...Hope you got to eat some of My Nephew's coked hot dogs and my beans...