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I just stumbled onto the forum. A "natural born" South Carolinian & Lowcountry native & resident. Lifelong shooter, hunter, collector, now FFL & CWP Instructor.


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Please don't tell me he is another one of those motorcycle riders.....LOL

Harley Davidson Softtail Deuce rider here....



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Please forgive the latent reply but at least now, I can answer the few questions all at once.

My "office" is on 61. I keep no or very little inventory but must maintain the office because I answered all the questions truthfully. For some reason, I am disallowed to accomplish transfers from my home. Even the SLED guys questioned why I have a rented space if all I'm doing is transfers.

Motorcycle? A rider, not a Biker.
1997 Honda Valkyrie. Purchased barely used locally and added over 100k w/in the 1st two yrs. My riding average used to be over 49/50 days w/ the Valk. Since I've been riding almost everyday for 32 years, lately I tend to jump in the Samurai on the colder, hotter, or otherwise less comfortable days.

I wear awareness of my inalienable Rights on my sleeve (knowledge and attitude). I let every class of CWP applicants know that they should also. If we don't take care to learn the law so that we can watch over what powers we the people still have, we will wake up one day with ZERO. Shamefully so is the fact that we may be on a slide of which we can not brake momentum.

Thanks for the Welcome. Thanks for a SC Local forum. I wish I'd heard about this as soon as it came on line.




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We constantly struggle with how to get the word out.
Be sure to tell your friends about us.