Newbie Checking in


Jan 20, 2012
Charleston, SC
I just joined the forum after one of your current members told me about it. This looks like a great site with lots of good information. Thought I would introduce myself. I'm a native Charlestonian and I guess I fit into the Old Fart classification since I'm 60 years young. My adopted grandfather was a gunsmith in the Orangeburg area for many years. I used to watch him work every chance I got and I now do some minor gun work myself. I blame him for giving me the gun bug and the hunting bug. I was with the 25th Infantry Division about a lifetime ago and shot with their unofficial rifle team way back then. That was before I got older and shakier. Got to shoot lots of fun stuff back then.

I have a collection of guns that I used to shoot all the time with old friends that enjoyed the same. They died off or moved on to other interests so I just shoot at ATP or occasionally at Twin Ponds. I still love it an get to the range as much as I can. I'd like to find some others that enjoy the range, trading gun/war stories and try to help preserve the 2nd Amendment.
I have a Harley and sometimes just ride it to Twin Ponds with a few pistols and a folding target in my saddle bag.
I hope to meet some of you out there sometimes.


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Oct 4, 2009
Hanahan, SC
Hey Buddy: Glad you finally showed up...Now we need to get you going to Boggy Head to shoot...