Newb from Piedmont here.


Hi all. I met a member at Academy Sports in Greenville today. He invited me to join and possibly come to the G2G this Saturday. Sorry I forgot your name already.

I am a novice shooter at best and have a lot to learn. I hope to learn a bunch and contribute some in the future.


russell97ta said:
What are you talking about Nick? You've known a member a long time...ME!

Hey Russel I didn't know you were here. You should have invited me!! :lol:

Mcdaniel thanks for the invite!

All the rest thanks for the warm welcome!


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

I'm still unsure if I will be able to make the shoot on Saturday. I promised the kids a trip to Charleston...

I'm interested in taking the CC course in December. I wish we had an open carry option too :)

I'll be seeing you all around here.


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Welcome...glad you made it..We call it Shootzenfest...It will be worth it to make it there...You will love it...