New Years Resolutions


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Who makes them?

I am not making a resolution, but setting a concrete goal- those work better for me. Previous goals were to stop smoking, did that- stop dipping, did that- and a bunch i don't remember because I didn't do them.

I am going to run the Cooper River Bridge Run. I also plan to be much more frugal this coming year- I have some changes coming in my life that are going to make that a very wise, if not necessary change.

Now someone else set a goal or make a resolution and tell us about it.


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I don't make resolutions either. I've never paid much attention to new year stuff, To me new years is just another day.


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Well... Now that my retirement has started, I have to watch the spending on junk gun all the holsters in the box, all the usless junk I buy for my ar's...that kind of stuff.

With my check going direct deposit...wife knows where every dollar is...

Must find a part-time job....maybe that pays cash.....