New user from Grays SC checking in


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I've been hoping to find a South Carolina forum to participate in, hopefully this is it. I moved from Florida when I retired 2 years ago where I was active in a forum and I miss the info exchange and the BS/T action.


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Welcome to the Zoo

I think you will like it here.
This is a great group of guys.
Be sure to come to ShootzenFest.


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There is some info in teh Discussion Forum. It is a sticky by POPS...

Just post any questions you have, and we will try to help.

It will be a great time.


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Well good to see my adding a blurb on my armslist add about the forum paid off. Just did it today and already got a member to sign up. Hope many more will see it.

I know he found us that way because he emailed me and said thanks for giving him the info.