Black Rifles New Toy...


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I just traded for an is a Rock River with a 10 inch barrel...
I got to go to the outside range and fire it Saturday...Man, This thing is SSSSOOOOOOOOO much fun...but, it will eat a bunch of ammo real fast...

I don't know how, or I would post pics...

Anyone want to meet up with me at the range, you can burn up some ammo...Then, you will be hooked...

Thanks for listening to by braggin'


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I have seen his new toy and it is awesome.
The trigger has to be felt to be believed.


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Kel-tec makes an AR pistol, I've considered getting one, but I have several things in line ahead of it. Rock River should be a fairly well made piece of gear.

I'd like to shoot it some time too.
I'll be down that way in November, maybe we can all go to a range and burn up some ammo.



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I looked at the Kat-tec before I traded for this one. They are nice, and, the price is great. They sell for like $550.00 new...

I traded for this one, and, the trade I had was worth a lot of change...

I will in the next few days, try to post pics of the toy. I ain't to 'puter smart, and, got to drag out the ol' camera...

Let me know about Nov. and we sure can go to the range and burn doen some rounds...



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I'll bet that thing has a great "smile factor". I'll also bet that you can eat up a lot of ammo in a short time. Congrats on the new toy.