New Toy From The Gun Show


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I went to the Gun Show Saturday morning. I had a model 36 S&W snubby that needed a new home...

I sold it to a friend that has a booth out there...then spend 2 hours trying to spend the money...

I found a Browning Hi-Power that wanted to go home with me...With some hard core dealing...I bought it. I had $1.00 in my pocket when I left...but, I had another Browning Hi-Power.

When I got home, I did a clear-up on the gun.. It has been re-blued. It looks great, but, they buffed about all the writing off the gun .

I got to looking at the gun close, and, compaired it to my other Browning Hi-Power....Lots of things diffent...then I found the little Eagle Crest on the gun....

OMG...the Browning Is a World War II Nazis pistol....A friend looked it up...It is a Mark 2 ...The book said it was a very collectable gun....

I don't care about it being collectable...It is going to the range tomorrow...It will be shot...and, maybe even carried...

I am happy...



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It's a gorgeous hi-power, and yep, all he had left was one dollar :) I almost felt bad for him.


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Nice score Steve, Of course this means pics or it didn't happen. :mrgreen:

BTW Enjay don't let Steve fool ye he has money stashed in mason jars buried all over his back yard. :lol:


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Steve forgot to mention it has the tangent sight too! I can attest to the fact that it's a shooter and a nice one at that.
Everyone who shot it loved it and we all shot it at Boggy late Sunday afternoon. The ole Browning got passed around like a drunken home coming queen under the bleachers on prom night - good times fur sure. Thanks again Steve.