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Well I just heard about the forum today and from looking around I believe the one who invited me was "Frost". I may be mistaken, but any who, I met him today at Walmart while I was buying my weekly stock of ammo.

Thanks for the invite! He told me about the get together at Boggy Head and is sounds like a blast (pun intended). I will see everyone there.

I am from North Georgia, and I am living in North Charleston now. I am Active Duty Air Force, and love everything guns!


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I am also originally from Georgia (South of Savannah) and live in the Charleston area. Welcome to the forum! This is a great group of folks...


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Welcome to the Forum....Glad you found us.

If the guy you talked to in Walmart was about the size of an Oak tree...that would be Frost...



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Welcome to the forum!
And yes, please come to the ShootzenFest March 5, 2012