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Nov 26, 2009
Oconee County
From one of the insiders at Kel-tec stated they are going to go for $415, but he stated it will more than likely run between $300 - 350 from your local shop. Kel-tec is pretty good about the prices for the pistols they sell.

MSRP is only slightly higher than the SUB-2000, so you can expect the actual selling price to be about the same as the SUB2000. I think it goes for about $300 to $350

Possibly a rifle version as well...

a rifle version (RMR-30) is an obvious and likely successor to this pistol. But I have no further info on if or when it will actually get produced.


Sep 26, 2009
Charlotte, NC
Wow! I really can see into the future!

I like Kel-Tec. I have a couple of them. and I like the 22 Magnum round.
it looks like a competitor for the Ruger Mark III and the Browning Buckmark
A foray into the target pistol arena.

If it really does come out at a reasonable price I'll probably want one.


Oct 1, 2009
North Chuck, SC
Kel-Tec must have something going for it if a major company like Ruger copies their design for a pocket pistol.
The LCP is dang near an exact clone of the P3AT