New Spike TV Programming, Don't Be a Victim

Dirk Pitt

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Oct 1, 2009
Hey guys saw something on TV just now that I thought you folks may or may not be interested in. I normally flip on Spike TV in the morning/afternoon time because they've got a programing series on known as The Powerblock where they work on various cars ranging from classic muscle to 4x4 off road. Well before The Powerblock today I've noticed that they've got a series of programing based on self defense with firearms and similar programming called Don't Be a Victim. They've got Practical Tactical, Because Lives Depend on It, What If, and Conceal & Carry School. Here's their description on the programming, "From proven professional strategies, tactics, and methods of self-defense, to recognizing and avoiding threats, to the latest in gear, security systems, and weaponry, audiences will learn what it takes to be a modern-day guardian of their own homes, families, and lives." Much like The Powerblock, which shows adds focused on the programming demographic of gear heads, I've seen adds for Beretta Px4's, Insight lights, Sig Sauer Academy, and Cheaper Than Dirt.

So there's some more fun hobby based programming for me on weekend mornings now :D