New shooter here, Charleston area


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Wife and I are new to shooting, and we are relatively new to the state as well. I have been googling and youtubing for awhile gun safety, learning about different weapons, techniques, etc... We went shooting for the first time 2-3 weeks ago, shot a .22 Revolver, GP100, and a mossberg 500. Learned I am a better shot then I expected, but was nice to just get into it. Also got the wife interested in it. Next go around we are looking to get into semi-auto pistols.

We are still going to go shooting a bit more to get more comfortable and familiar with guns and will eventually make a purchase or two. I brought the wife along to take some of the mystery out of it, both of us grew up in non-gun families and actually got her interested in it. I may look into getting my CWP, no real plans to carry daily, but seems like it would make owning a weapon easier.

I have some questions about legalities of purchasing and owning a firearm in SC, do you guys have a list of basic laws for owning a gun. Permits required? Registration process? License? etc...

Thank you in advance.


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It may be worth your while to contact B.E.L.T. training. They do an all day CWP class and also offer a more advanced class to start acquiring better handling skills. They are affordable, super friendly, and know their business. If you see the Girls only Glockshoot banners on this website, that is Lisa Marie, the owner. It could be a really fun day, and you will learn a tremendous amount in one sitting.

Anyway, this forum is a great place to learn and have some neat conversations, so enjoy!


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If you're a resident buying a gun is pretty long as you have a clean background. When I moved here it took about 3 hours for them to do my background check. Second time it only took about 20 minutes. Solved this by getting a CWP. They don't have to call in a background check with CWP license. Only 2 restriction I can think of in SC. One is the Federal restrictions on Firearms and the other is on melt points of guns.

Depending on where you live there are plenty of places to shoot. Indoors and out. Plenty of public lands for hunting as well.

If you're in the Columbia area PM me. I can show you Mid Carolina Rifle Club.