New Revolver At Shop


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Heres a new one that we got in, it's a Rhino 200ds by Chiappa Firearms,it's definitely different! :shock:
It's somewhat reminds me of the Mateba auto revolver, both are Italian made and on both the barrel lines up with the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top. Just thought it was kind of cool,don't think I'll be rushing out to buy one with a price tag over $700 but thought you all might find it interesting.


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I looked at these at the NRA show in Charlotte. Cool looking guns. But, I would want to shoot one before I bought one. I understand the physics and it makes sense.


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Kinda kool
I am going to make a point of coming by to look at it and the other toys when I get back from the frozen north.

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Bet you're sorry now for claiming snow was an urban myth all of these years, eh? :twisted:

Hope you make it back safe and sound!


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I looked this one up on the web and it seems to be a new design. The website showed several ways "not" to hold the gun when you fire it and one way to hold it.

I think the idea is to put the recoil of the gun in the palm of your hand and to actually catch the recoil as the gun coimes back rather than trying to keep it from flipping up and over the top of your hand.

Being a revolver you don't have the slide to make room for, but being the barrel is inline with your wrist instead of above your wrist ot should come straight back into your palm.

I think I need to shoot one of these to really understand the physics ( I use that expression loosels adn only for show)