New range in the upstate


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This range opened on May 6, it is 8 miles out of Cross Hill, SC on 560 near the intersection with 56 on the Belfast WMA. NRA funded this project, it is very nice.

The range is part of the 4,664-acre Belfast WMA tract on the border of Laurens and Newberry counties that formerly belonged to Champion International. Located just off SC 560 and 56 near Kinards, the range will be open from Wednesday through Friday in daylight hours and from 2 p.m. until dark on Sundays. Shooters pay no fees but must supply their own targets; SCDNR officers will patrol the area to maintain order and prevent vandalism or misuse.


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That range was brought up in a conversation with some friends over the weekend. Guess a recon trip is in order.

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Thanks for the info, Mike. We'll have to get the gang together and give it a try one day...once my shoulder heals from surgery.