New Range Bag


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Stopped by ATP today to kill some time...manage to walk out with the same amount of cash that I went in with...which doesnt happen often. Didnt care for their selection of range bags, stopped by Wally World on the way home to grab some TP and ofcourse checked out the sporting goods section and spotted a tackle bag that looked pretty cool. It came with 4 clear trays that Ill prolly keep for storing screws, nuts, bolts, etc....but I believe itll do a fine job as my range bag.

A few pics:


Has glasses pocket right on top

Side pockets for cleaning supplies


Front pocket for spare mags, and random stuff

Front zipper for shoot n sees and random paperwork/reciepts

Bottom of lid has large pouch, Im using it for beanies, gloves, and bandanas


Inside is large enough for several boxes of ammo, firearms, and spare parts

Anyone done the same? what alternatives do you like to use?


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i have been using the stanley tool bag from wally world ($20) but i like the looks of that one. how much did it run?


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$50 or $60 don't remember exactly...I was a little weary at first but figured for the amount of zippered compartments ( only reason I chose over tool bag ) that it would get the job done nicely...and the spider wire logo looks pretty cool


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Lol the snickers tin actually holds a bunch of loose Allen wrenches, bolts and screws...keeps the junk from rolling around in the bottom


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Funny how easy it can be to re-purpose a bag "made" for some other purpose.

I had an old VCR camera bag. You know, the kind from the early 90's that looked like portable TV cameras and sat on your shoulder and recorded to full sized VCR tapes?

I took that and used it for my range bag. It holds 3 pistol cases, assorted ammunition boxes, glasses and hearing protection perfectly. Plus, it says SONY on the side so it draws no undue attention when I carry it out to the car and back.


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the NRA sent out a nice little bag last week for something.
wife claimed it for her range bag :roll:

she already had a "track purse" ....basically a tool bag looking deal, so no one would know it was a purse while at drag strip.