New Purchase Savage 93R17 TR .17 HMR

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Has anybody seen this or have it? I saw one last week in PA and I have been craving it ever since.



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Didn't someone have a huge recall on .17? I don't remember who or what it was. Just remember seeing it.

Nice looking rifle though.


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I think it was Remington who issued a recall.

That Savage is nice looking, I see why it's got you worked up Henry. If you need some help keeping the barrel warm once you buy it simply call me cuz I'm helpful that-a-way.

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Will do Dave. I have to get one first. All my distributors are out of stock and I dont want it that bad.

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Does anybody have a .17hmr???? How far have you shot accuratly and what ammo is most accurate for you. Thanks,


I have a Savage .17hmr...I can hit a 1.5'' circle at 100yds without any problem. I haven't tried it much past that but im sure it can handle 200yds without much problem. Its at my family hunting camp in Michigan, my brother used it for plinkin woodchucks and raccoons around our property but he has since upgraded to a 22-250! That with ballistic tip ammo basically takes care of any varmit.


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I've got the "Camo" Thumbhole Laminated Stock Variant with Accu-trigger. Its got a 4.5-14 x 50mm AO Burris Fulfield Scope. Its a fun shooter, I found a closeout deal on Ammo and stocked up.

If you haven't had a chance to try one out, I can have it available at the Boggy Head Event.

Pictures below...