New pistola

Not new

Snagged it used

Came with 3 holsters, 8 mags all full of ammo (6 of which are wilson combat mags) and it's def in great shape

I gotta stop going in that store...i think i buy a new gun every other time i go in there


fordnut said:
Can't do better than a Kimber...

Unless its a Glock...ahh Just messing with you, I just prefer the Glocks because they have so much more character than an old 1911.


tigerfan00 said:
Not to worry! I have 3 glocks as well ;)
There it is,.. haha, Even we Glock faithfuls can admit the 1911s have more character though. Glocks are great precisely because they are boring, 1911s are just the opposite. I love both.
bingo! I love all my guns but i know without a doubt i can pick up any of the 3 glocks at anytime and they will go bang...same with my revolvers...but they dont hold enough ammo