New Member from out in the woods.. LOL

New member from the Alvin, SC area. Actually only 12-13 miles from the Boggy Head Range on Hwy 41.

I look forward to making it to the event and meeting some of the members.

I'm currently focused on hunting guns, and various pistols, but recently, <prior to the last election> picked up a few AR lowers, just-in-case.

I'm ultimately looking for a few more toys to add to my collection, originally it was the 300 Whisper, but now that the 300 Blackout is standardized, its probably going to be my next toy. I assemble savage hunting rifles, I tend to prefer my 7mm-08 for most white-tail deer hunting, or my backup 25-06.

Eventually, I'd like to check out some of the Class 3 options out there, SBR's or suppressors hold my interest for the time being.

Anything else you would like to know, I'll be glad to respond.




Welcome to the forum!
There is a wide variety of interests among the members.
I have been looking at AR parts myself, but most of my stuff is shotguns and handguns.

I hope you make it out Boggy Head on june 4!



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Welcome...Glad you came by. Hope you make this a regular stop off point...

I am also a AR nut...but ....I am just an old retired, the fancy stuff is just over my head....LOL

I have an AR in 7.62X39....It has had some issues, but, when it is is pretty nice..It has a 20" barrel, so, it is very accurite...


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Charles..Glad you found it. You must have a good memory cause I didnt see you write it down. Clicker is the guy you need to talk to on here about the 300 blackout.
Yeah Henry, I managed to not forget it.

I threw up a few pictures of the 17 HMR savage you were talking about, another variant - the thumbhole laminated stock model.

I've got plenty of ammo for it, so if you want to check it out, I can take it out to Boggy Head to let you check it out.

I've already been doing the searc for who has the 300Blackout, and managed to find Clicker's posts on here, thanks for the head's up.

I'm actually thinking I might get a savage barrel cut to go on one of my spare receivers.. decisions, decisions.


Thanks Frost, Pops and Fordnut. I'm glad ot be here, I grew up in the area, so I've been hunting and fishing these woods all my life. Its nice to find like-minded locals to chat with.

I'm also on the Savage Shooters forum, under this same name.

I'll look forward to seeing you all out and about.