New little shooter.


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congragulations. studies have proven that properly applied baby snuggels are more addictive than hard drugs and kittens (really, im sure they would at least). We recomend Lil Cricket 22lr for babys first longarm. Enjoy the warm fuzzy cuddle times


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Congrads....Fine looking new member.....He is a natural...I can tell by his look he already has an "attitude"...LOL



Haha, yes, he's a bit gangster. Its really a great time in my family's collective life.

I have already told my wife I am buying him a gun every year on his B-Day, then giving them all to him when he turns 18. I figure if I had a 18 gun collection with a father's guidance at 18 I'd have been off to a pretty good start. I mean, the kid won't want the Ruger single 6 at 12, he'd want the MAC look alike. With my guidance, he'll get the good stuff.

Thanks for all the compliments, he's a good looking kid. Thank God he took after his mother. Hopefully he'll get a lot from her, and a little common sense from me.