New laws in Spartanburg County??


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People living in the Still Pointe subdivision in Lyman, near Holly Springs... suspect a gentleman living on the other side of the wood line

If anybody knows who this "gentleman" might be, please let him know the damage he is doing to the shooting community and our rights. Kindly point him to the nearest range. Leave it up to an irresponsible few to spoil everybody's fun.


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i already posted about this. the alvires guy needs to be shown that bullets can go through 7 acres of small pines.

the main point i make is we dont need more laws we need him convicted of endangering people in an unresponsible use of weapons.

the cops found bullets, did they try to match them to his guns?

there is a law,i believe, that a new range most be x yards from roads or houses. it would mean that the range would have to be in the middle of 77 acres. how does this idiot think he can shoot towards a housing development only 7 acres away? and stand on tv saying his bullets wont reach there.

remember the omish girl killed by a hunter emptying his muzzleloader? wasnt she more than a mile away?

wonder what he would say if he came home to bullet holes in his house coming from someones back yard at the development.

uneducated idiot will keep responsible people from shooting responsibly.


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Reading the reponses in the 'comments' below the link, mention is made of an ' eighteen foot' barrier that does/did exist, and that 'prominent' people also use this area for shooting---- any additional verifiable info on this? How recent is the last damage?

Could it be others may be responsible for the damage/ danger to the adjacent dwellings? It seems some elementary investigation would contribute to identifying the responsible parties, of which the interviewed gentleman most certainly could be, despite his opinions about ballistics. Perhaps there are others, perhaps damage was done in the past and he is a fallguy/ cover for activities of others?

Just doesn't seem difficult to mark existing damage, wait and listen for shooting, then recount new holes.