New House Gun For The Wife


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Ruger SP101 .327 Mag.
Hogue Monogrip added.
Put 32S&W Long by Aquila' Magtech, Homerolled semi-jacketed hollow points and Federal .327Mags through it. Did not like the Aquila initially. Loved the Homerolled, and really loved the Magnums. Shot point of aim @7yds. The action was stiff for first 20 rounds. Stopped after each 5 rounds to run brush through barrel and cylinders. It loosened up nicely. Recoil with 32 long is negligible. Magnum is snappy but not unpleasant if you don't bark your knuckle. ( with factory grips) added Hogue grip and it is very pleasant to shoot. It is loud!!



Gotta love the four shot group in the middle. Gun shoots better than I can.


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C_Carson said:
Gorgeous gun! Does your wife carry it around the house or just keep it close by?

My wife has a CZ70 at the moment, which she keeps close by. She is a crack shot but her hands are losing their strength hence the move to a revolver. She has a quick open safe where she keeps her weapon. She does not carry it around the house. However (comma) she has a husband who keeps things handy around the house for unexpected situations so we are never far from protection and I built the house so we would have warning before someone could get in. I have mine at hand all the time plus the odd rifle, shotgun, pistol here and there out of sight but never out of mind. Yes, she does answer the door with authority.