New here.

ETA way to go, totally missed the "Checkin" section conveniently located beneath this forum...

Howdy folks...I ran into a coupla long-haired boys in Woodruff today who told me this was the happenin place to be. *Shout out to Lafayette Gregory and others*

I used to be on the old CSF but I guess this is home now, keepin' it local as it were. I just come back from a few months in Ver-freakin-mont and I gotta tell ya its good to be back in the sweet sunny South. And it is sunny. Also Carolina Girls really ARE the best in the world, but I digress...

I post as Cmdr Gravez0r on CSF and SKSboards among others.

So if you see a tall guy with a Mauser walkin' around it might be me...



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Hey Buddy....Welcome....Weain't too formal here...Post whereever you want too....

I guess you are from the Upstate...We won't even hold that against you...Just kidding.

We are glad you are here...



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Good to see ya. I had fun shooting with ya today. This is mark, the guy with the makarov's

im the same bow guy at SKS boards.