New here!

Hello All,
I received a business card today (Nov.28) at the Charleston Gun Show advertising this web site. I sure hope it is successful, I think it is a wonderful idea. Bring on the deals!
Thanks for the warm welcome guys! The Charleston show was well attended and although prices were up on primers and powder, at least IT WAS THERE! Ammo seemed to be in good supply also. I found surplus 8mm x 57 for as low as 15 cents a round! Foxxtrot: I'm not really into knives, but there were plenty there and I saw at least 3 tables that I would guess to be custom knife makers. Next show for me will be Dec. 12 - 13 at the fairgrounds in Columbia.

Sandlapper :D


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Thanks for the update. Always curious to see if there are some custom knife makers at the gun shows. Good job on the ammo.


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Custom knives can be a thing of beauty.
I have often wished I could make some.
I just am not enough of an artist though.