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Hi All,
Just joined but have spent many hrs. reading various threads and I gotta say that everybody seems so friendly, courteous and helpful. I am relatively new to guns, I decided a little over a year ago after my brother in law talked me into going to a gun show with him that I was going to buy a Marlin 30-30 because I wanted one as a kid. Once I bought that I decided I was going to get something for home defense since my wife and kids are home alone at night while I am at work so I got a .38 S&W Bodyguard revolver for her, an S&W MP40c for me and a Remington 870 modified home defense shotgun. I don't carry but I enjoy going to the range to practice. I seem to need a lot of it because I learned that I am not a very good shot with the handguns. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading more of your stories, advice and opinions and will probably have many questions along the way.



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may i suggest if we have a monthly breakfast we do it at the Clinton exit, just down the road from Philsons Crossing range. heheheh

bring bullets