New Guy in Spartanburg


Hi from Spartanburg! I'm a CWP holder for MANY years, and carry a Steyr S40 or Springfield XD9SC. Love "big boom" guns like the .357 mag. (have a Taurus 2" 617 and a S&W 4" Model 19). My wife and I both love to rent and shoot the S&W .500 mag at Allen Arms in Greenville - our favorite range.

Speaking of my wife, can I get a Moderator to PM me? She tried to register in here the other night and never received her confirmation eMail. We'd like to find out what's going on and her her signed up properly. Thanks!


Hi from Clinton. I took my NRA Pistol training at Allen Arms, bought my first automatic there and also love their range. Just wish it was a little closer.