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My Buddy Frost from over at GT Glock Forum asked that I join over here so here I am..
I have two Glocks, A 17L Longslide & a Sub Compact 26 for concealed carry, I also have a Ruger MKII Target KMK678 & a Semi Custom Ruger 10/22 plus a Jennings J-22 that was my late fathers..
I've had many many handguns over the last few decades but am now down to a few 9mms & a few 22lrs.. I no longer have any Smith & Wessons, Colts, HKs, Sig Sauers, Walthers, & the list goes on & on..
I've been a mechanic, maintenance tech, auto parts salesman & can fix just about anything including firearms, I don't claim to be a gunsmith but would love to have the time to become one before I die..
BTW I'm 45 years old & have been shooting since I was five years old.. Thanks Pop..

Gary S. aka Glock 17L from Louisville kentucky


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Welcome aboard.

Glock 17L

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Glad to stop bye!!
I know way more than I'll ever let on..
If anyone ever needs anything ASK AWAY!!

I like your forum base & the way folks carry themselves here..
There's so many forums were people bash each other etc. & that just makes me sick..

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