new guy here


Howdy Folks
I am a relatively newcomer to South Carolina as I have only lived here for 5 yrs. I am an avid shooter and former rifle & handgun safety instructor. I formerly owned and operated my own gun shop in Upstate NY. I try to shoot every weekend, if possible, and I reload my own ammo at least 3 nights each week.
My biggest passion is for military surplus weapons and I own several. I enjoy shooting pieces of history and get a good feeling when I can hit a target down range with weapon and eyes that are older than half a century using open sights.


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Welcome, What part of "upstate" NY you hail from, some consider everything north of NYC to be "Upstate". I have people up in the 1000 islands region. You will certainly enjoy the freedom you will have in SC when it comes to firearms ownership.


for the warm welcome guys
hope to shoot with some of you soon
I may have already done so at Boggy Head or Twin ponds

I am from Oswego, NY, right on Lake Ontario, bout an hours drive from the 1000 islands region

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Somebody that was fairly close to me!!! :eek:

Greetings from the Socialist Republic of Moscowchusetts!

Enjoy your somewhat newly found freedom!!! :cool:


Greetings and welcome biganimal!

Some of us are going to help in the Boggy Head cleanup on August 6. It is sponsored by the Forestry Service.
If you made it out to the Tin Ponds cleanup last October it will be the same activity, but for Boggy Head.

Hope to see a lot of us there!



hey Pops I'll keep that date open
am looking forward to meeting some of you guys

I sure do miss the supers at Oswego and the stockers at Fulton and Weedsport
racing was supposed to be invented here in the south but tracks are few and far between.
In Ny I lived within 50 miles of maybe 15 tracks.