NEW Guy from Moncks Corner

New to the forum, Met Frost today at Boggy Head Range and he turned me on the Palmetto Shooters. I'll be looking for a few select guns in time and I'm sure I'll be able to track down some deals here.



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Welcome Bryan...This is Steve from this morning. I was with Frost. I have the Mosin Negant that you shot...

Glad to see you on the Forum.

Thankyou all,

Frost, Do you have that link for the FAL for me?

Red Hat, any Stroud's in Gray's Court? I know a man up there who has about 80 old trucks in his back field I had to check out.

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Welcome to the Forum!!! :mrgreen:

A great Forum member named Schultz has one for sale if this is what Frost might have been telling you about. You may wish to deal with him on this, and he is a straight shooting guy to work with:


This is the link to his thread, send him a PM if you are interested! ;)


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welcome! glad you could make it.

There is a section for buying and selling.
Post firearms or really anytihng you have for sale.

Pops ;)