New George Romero Zombie Movie


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The new George Romero Zombie movie is getting decent reviews from people in the UK.
It will be a while before it is available in this country.
The consensus is that it blows Diary away but is not his best work.

I hated Diary of the Dead and still feel it is crap on a stick.

I am looking forward to seeing it.

I have been saying for a while if after watching it I could say "not bad, not bad at all" it would be a win.

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Unlike zombies, snow is a real and present occurence...


Did you ever get to see that Norwegian zombie movie that took place in the snow with all of them WWII german zombies? It looked somewhat entertaining!


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Snow is an urban myth started by yankees.

Zombies are real, how else do you explain the obamination getting elected.


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seen it on pirate city ............. junk lousey plot and story line. made for the " zombie masses"


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I finally saw it and the best I can say about it is it's better than Diary of the Dead.