New Gal on the Forum


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Welcome to the Zoo!
We're glad you had a good time.
The events keep getting bigger and better.


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Welcome to the forum! So glad you joined us, and I think you're the one we need to thank for the snickerdoodles?


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Wait a minute...I cooked hot dogs and beans and fed everyone....and didn't get any snickerdoodles....I am really hurt...



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Sorry about the snickerdoodles guys, the kids got hold of them and then they were gone.
I'll make sure to arrange treats for the next ShootzenFest. I'm already looking forward to it!
Lol...yes I'm the one who gave the Snickerdoodles out. But the kids ate them up!! Blame the kids!! I'll tell Andy to get on more often. I also took pictures of the shoot. I'm trying to get my photography business off the ground, so if anyone needs any kind of pictures, just let me know!

PS--I'm about to upload some more of the pictures. Hope yall enjoy. ;)