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Hello All,
My name is Eric and Im a gun-a-holic.

I ran into a member from here a couple of weeks ago in Trader World. He gave me a card and it took me a few weeks to make my way over (busy time for classes right now).

Start off with saying Im 24, originally from Walterboro, SC but lived the last 5 years in Columbia, SC for some schooling (Architectural Engineering Tech). Now im back (thank God), living in Goose Creek, working downtown, and goin to school at Trident Tech until next summer when I transfer to the Citadel for Civil Engineering.

Im a bit of a gear head as well. I own and love workin on my 1994 Pontiac Firebird Formula (5.7L V8 :mrgreen: )...done a few things to it as well as my friends rides(Camaros, Trans Ams, Vettes mostly...Ill associate with a few Ford guys every now and then).

Now to the good stuff. My armory is small. But its mine. I just picked up a Kel Tec pf9 last week. Previous owner only put 1 box of ammo through it when he found a great deal on a Walther ppq and decided to sell the pf9, 3 mags, and hogue handall jr... all for $240 to yours this little gun. I also have a Llama IIIA .380 and a Remington 870 Tactical with a few extra goodies.

I have quite an extensive "Gun Wish List" and hope to scratch a few things off of it this year. Looking forward to swapping stories and advice with everyone.





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Eric, I also live in goose creek and I'm finishing the journey that you are about to start. I graduate in may from the citadel with a degree in civil engineering and I started at tech. All I can say is become friends with excel, mathcad, and autocad.


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Welcome, was gonna tell you about Carolina HP but pretty sure I've seen that pic with the 100 bill there so no need. I'm a Ford Mustang guy...but a Car enthusiast first. :mrgreen: -Shane
We are almost neighbors!!! Stop in and see us. We love to talk and this Saturday is Customer Appreciation Day, hamburgers, hotdogs, soda and more. We are located at 124 St. James Ave, right next to Sonic in the Kings Plaza.