New from goose creek


New FNG orginally from Louisiana been calling goose creek home for the past few years now.

I'm a Navy MA or MP, I'll be getting out in July and I'll be working with Summerville pd as a reserve officer and also for a DOD contract security company. I shoot about once a week. I have a glock 23, a taurus "slim" 709, a taurus pt111, and I'm getting a para warthog and a walther pps .40 within the next few weeks.

Also I have a taurus pt145 has less than 100rds through it for sale, bought it less than 3 months ago.

I have my CWP and I'm a active member of SC Grassroots, NRA, Ducks Unlimited and the American Criminal Justice Association Lambda Alpha Epsilon.

I look forward to enjoying the forum....


Bdbys59 said:
Welcome, so, you are going to come work for me, huh..LOL :lol:

I assume so if you work for the summerville pd....I work for dave folsom right now over at nptu security

I'm finishing up the paperwork to submit for the reserve academy that is suppose to start up in march


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Nope, thought you had said you were going to be working for the contract security company at the weapons station. If so, got bad news for ya, you can't work for a pd and have a SLEd card.