New from Florence area


I'm in the Florence area, just saw a link to this forum and thought I'd check it out. I've been into long range tactical style shooting for several years, have done a couple of competitions, but it's hard to find places to shoot around here. The last year I've gotten into USPSA style pistol shooting, and hope to move into 3 gun soon.






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Welocome. Glad you could stop by.

You got some neat toys...I like...

About all I ever shoot is in the National Forest ranges...100 yards..

I do a lot of pistol shooting...




I've shot a number of USPSA matches at Mid Carolina, it's a very nice range- good people, too. Somehow I didn't type what I meant to, I meant to say it was hard to find a place to shoot long range around here, 600+ yards. I'm a member of a small local club with a 200 yard range, and have been shooting a match every month at Black Creek Gun Club also.


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I am thinking of shooting USPSA. I will be at the next match to watch. Let me know if you go.
600+...Don't know of anywhere in the state that you can shoot that far.


Will do- but, bring your pistol and some magazines, you'll want to shoot. They make it friendly for first-timers, and it's a lot of fun. I'm not sure whether I'll be there or not, I usually shoot about a match a month, sometimes two, but this month I'm looking at a local 3 gun match this Saturday, possibly USPSA at Mid Carolina next week, 3 gun near Rock Hill the next week, and a local USPSA-style match the last Saturday. I'd better get cranking on the Dillon!

I've shot 600+ at Palmetto Gun Club in Charleston once, but usually it's on private land. I've shot a number of different places once or twice, but haven't found a place I can use on an ongoing basis, although I may have gotten a lead on one recently.


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at 600+ yards, I'd have to get in the jeep adn drive up to the target just to see it! :lol:

That is an excellent camo job in the first pic.

Welcom to the forum!

Pops ;)


Thanks all!

Dave, a couple of years ago I hunted a club in Scranton, just outside Lake City. It's not too far down the road.

Pops, I can't take credit for the camo on the first rifle. It's a McMillan stock, it came from the factory like that. It's a fiberglass stock with the color in the gel coat.

A couple of pics from matches I've shot, although I'm not in most of them:

In this one, the target is the white dot under the red tree in the clearing just under the power line.


You can see the clearing where the target is, but can't really see the target.


Target on the other side of the field.


This one is me, you can see the splash from the bullet spall after hitting the steel target.


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Welcome to the Forum! I'm a memeber of palmetto gun club here in Summerville and we have 840 yard range. Look them up on the web. You will have to email the president to take the long range test and then you can come down for some long range matches. Check the bullseye online for match dates.


Thanks for the invitation. The first long range match I ever shot was at your club, y'all have a really nice range.