New from Charleston


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Hey, I found the link to this site from another member on the forums.

I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and introduce myself and maybe we'll see each other at a range some day.

My name is Josh, I have been raised around firearms my entire life. I am a veteran of the Air Force specializing in security, and I've worked with the Patriot Missile System. I currently own 3 firearms currently: Rossi .357 Magnum model 461 ( Primarily for snakes ), HK P30 V3 9mm, HK P7 PSP 9mm and am looking to expand with an HK MR556 lower utilizing an HK 416D ( with either 10.4" or 14,5" barrel ) upper as well as an ( Imported by HK ) Benelli M3 Super 90 PRE-BAN.

I usually shoot at either Trader World or ATP, but I would like to go up to twin-ponds sometime.

I look forward to being a part of this community,


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Welcome to the Zoo!
Tell your friends about this place.
Look forward to seeing you at the range.


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Welcome to the Forum...Glad you found us...

You need to take a trip to Boggy Head...To me, it is the best place to shoot...unless you belong to a club or hunting club.

There are a lot of us that shoot there...and, that is where we hold Shootzenfest in the Spring...



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HHB, I may be interested in speaking with you in the near future about class 3 firearms!!

Sending a pm with a bit more information.